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The Fundraising Committee is working hard to organize a number of fundraising initiatives for the 2017-2018 season.

If you are interested in coordinating a fundraising initiative or presenting a new idea, please contact

Current Fundraising Initiatives

Raffle Tickets – Oct 3 – Nov 28, 2018 (or until sold out)

Please support the Red Deer Royals by purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets.  Prize:  Half of proceeds (Maximum $5000)
Must be 18 years old or older to purchase.  2000 tickets printed.
Raffle to be held on December 5, 2018 at St. Joseph High School, Red Deer, AB.  License No. 503087
Raffle books are $50.00 / book and for every book sold the member receives $12.50 in member credits.
For more information please contact:


Elks Grey Cup Pool Tickets – Oct 17 – Nov 12, 2018 (or until sold out)

Please support the Red Deer Royals and the Elks by purchasing Grey Cup Pool Tickets.  Prize:
1st Quarter – $50.00
2nd Quarter – $75.00
3rd Quarter – $100.00
4th Quarter – $300.00
Tickets are $1.00 each
For more information please contact:  Bernie at 403-350-0849


Bear Tracks Ice Melt  (Oct 17-Nov 7, 2018)

Bear Tracks ice melt provides a safe and efficient way to melt ice and compacted snow on sidewalks and driveways.  It is a useful product for both residential and commercial areas to insure that traffic areas are kept ice free and safe for pedestrians.
$22 for a 16 kg pail
For more information please contact:


Bower Mall – Red and White Night Tickets – Upcoming 

Bower Place Red & White Night is back and better than ever with more entertainment, prizes, games and a designated VIP area holding all kinds of surprises.

This exclusive ticketed shopping event gives guests after-hours access to amazing, one-time deals at Bower Place, while supporting several local charities in the season of giving.

Red and White night is on November 25 from 5:30pm-9:00pm. Tickets are $10, and this year we are doing even more for VIP’s with early access, a free gift, gift card, and a catered area complete with refreshments, massages, parcel and coat check, and valet parking! VIP tickets can be purchased for $25 and there will be a designated space to register when they arrive.

There will only be a limited amount of these tickets available.

 For more information please contact:


In-Dey-Go Fundraiser 2018-2019 (Sept 26 – Oct 31, 2018)

Please support the Red Deer Royals by purchasing In-Dey-Go Products.  Orders are due Oct 31, and to be delivery Nov 14th.  There are forms for Cookie Dough, Gluten Free Cookie Dough, Frozen Doggie Dough, Coffee & Tea,  Sticky Buns & Cinnamon Buns, and Beef Jerky.  Below are the forms…
For more information please contact:


March-a-thon (Jan 9 – June 2, 2019)

The Red Deer Royals March-a-thon is a fantastic opportunity to fundraise for your Calgary Stampede Tour! Fundraising Credits can be used for Camp Caroline, clothing, shoes, travel jackets, fees or be carried over each year to save for our next international tour. Fundraising credits can also be used toward shredding your bond cheques!

March-a-thon Letter

March-a-thon Pledge Sheet

For more information contact –

Gift Cards (Sept – June 2019)

The forms are a reference of the cards that are available and the denominations that the cards come in.  If you email the orders I can get them pre-entered.

I need 4 pieces of information for each order

  1. The name the order is for
  2. Member’s name for credits
  3. Gift card name, denomination, number of cards * repeat for each of the different cards requesting
  4. Total or your order (so I can double check that I have entered the order correctly)

How it works:

The cards come in already sorted by the person that orders.  If you have several people that you are selling cards to, you can submit multiple orders and they will come pre-sorted if you give me the different names and keep the orders separated.

Members are credited half the percentage that is listed on the order forms.

Orders are available for pickup at the Royals practice 2 weeks after the due date.

Please use the  forms to order your gift cards. The forms and money will be due to the Gift Card Coordinator, Dianna Moore by


Due Dates Giftcard Handout
Oct 10 Oct 24
Nov 14 Nov 28
Dec 5 Dec 19
Jan 16 Jan 30
Feb 13 Feb 27
Mar 13 Mar 29
Apr 10 Apr 24
May 15 May 29
June 12 June 26